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Ghobe River
Disabled Travellers Guide (wheelchair user) on a safari in Botswana

Moremi Game Reserve
on Safari in Cape Town and Botswana

Okavango Delta
Okavango Delta finally World Heritage blog post from CuriousKester a.k.a. Globetrotter in a Wheelchair

Disability Horizons: Are these the most accessible, responsible accommodations in the world?

Various safaris
Stuck in the Mud inspiring blog from a wheelchair user and his wife who have gone on various safaris throughout Africa.

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Area visited (Town / City / Region)

Okavango Delta

Month and year of visit

Sept/Oct 2011

Mobility equipment used

Manual self-propelled wheelchair

My general opinion of the holiday

It was such a fantastic holiday. An amazing experience. Being able to experience the African wildlife, up close and personal, in it's own habitat is a dream for many. With mobility difficulties, people often think it is not possible. Well, with Endeavour Safaris, it is. They make dreams a reality.

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Around Botswana
countryreports.org Disability Access In Botswana

Driving in Botswana and Namibia Kenya Tanzania
Welcome to the Africa section of the FIA Guide for the disabled motorist information currently only available for four countries: Botswana Kenya Namibia Tanzania

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Around Botswana
safarinow.com Wheelchair Enabled Accommodation in Botswana

Endeavour Safaris
we developed a specialized division within our company that caters for the needs of guests with disabilities.