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Around Kenya
Wheelchair traveling.com resources, reviews, guides, and tips from over 100 writers worldwide about accessible travel

Around Kenya
hotelaccessibility.com revews for hotels in Kenya

A Wheelchair Accessible African Safari with GoAfrica in Kenya (scroll down to read the wheelchair user review)

Samburu Safari - Kenya

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Wheelchair World is waiting for your reviews so if you have visited this country please share your experiences with other wheelchair users in Add a review or email us a link    contactus@wheelchairworld.org

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Around Kenya
countryreports.org Disability Access In Kenya

Around Kenya
5 accessible hotels found on Hotelaccessibility.com

Driving in Botswana and Namibia Kenya Tanzania
Welcome to the Africa section of the FIA Guide for the disabled motorist information currently only available for four countries: Botswana Kenya Namibia Tanzania

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Maasai Mara
safarinow.com Wheelchair Enabled Accommodation in Maasai Mara

A wheelchair user on a GoAfrica Kenya and Tanzania Safari

Fika Safaris -{ Making safaris accessible }- specialists for safari and beach holidays into Kenya and Tanzania.