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My wife has MS and uses a wheelchair full, I am the engine for that wheelchair. We have revisited Sri Lanka a number of times, I used to work out there in the 1980's. The following reflects our observations from a number of visits:-
Hotel OZO - Colombo

Excellent. Easily accessible bathroom (part of main room really) plenty of room for wheelchair. Easy access to roof bar and dining room.

Sigiriya Hotel

Staff very friendly and helpful. We were offered two rooms from which we could choose. We chose Room 22 which was near the main facilities. Bathroom was a bit tight for a wheelchair (ours is 800mm wide)

There were three steps from the central area to the room level and these were approx 2.5 metres wide. A one metre wide ramp would have made the area far more wheelchair friendly. There was one step up into the room. The second room offered was further from reception and had a greater problem with steps.

There was one step up into the dining room again there was space to put a small ramp in.

On our last night the curries were not very warm and we were told the burners had gone out.

Hotel Tourmaline – Kandy

Nice hotel with a great view over Kandy.

5 steps up to front door and no ramp. Room was close to reception which was good. Bathroom was a problem with door virtually same width as wheelchair with a tricky sort of zig-zag manoeuvre to get in. Shower was over the bath. We were told that the walk in showers were on a lower floor and the hotel has no lift. Dining room was on the first floor and again no lift. Staff assisted every meal to get wheelchair up to first floor.

Power sockets around the room were square pin (UK) and round pin. Adaptors were available at reception and we asked for one but it wasn’t forthcoming.

Seemed to be a shortage of hot water late evening.

Hotel Topaz – Kandy

We did not use this hotel but the driver took us there by mistake.

Not good for wheelchairs as the facilities appeared to be on multiple levels and not all served by the lift.

Grand Hotel – Nuwara Eliya

We accept that this hotel is very old and not easily adaptable for disabled persons. However, main areas had ramps to avoid steps.

However, the room had three beds and one had to be stacked against the wall before be could get the wheelchair into the room.

Bathroom was totally inadequate for a wheelchair user. Door very narrow and opened inwards (outwards would have helped) It was approx 3 by 1.5 metres with the sink 1.5 metres long and 600mm deep. Shower was behind the door.. If you could have got the wheelchair into the room you could not do anything once there. As such the toilet difficult to get to. A redesign of the room with door opening outwards, a smaller sink and rotating the toilet through 90 degrees might improve things.

Royal Palms

Excellent hotel, plenty of space in the room nice wide door to bathroom (opening outwards) with option to make wider. Toilet and shower areas had disabled bars and a plastic chair was provided for use within the shower within 5 minutes of a request.

Dining room was down a flight of stairs but access was gained through the kitchen, something the staff were ready for and someone always on hand at meal times.

4 or 5 steps to front but ramp alternative ramp was available.

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