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Dominican Republic

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Punta Cana
TheWorldonWheels visits Dominican Republic

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Around DR
countryreports. org disability information

Around DR
Debbie;s Dominican Disability Travel

Around DR
Wheelchair accessible resorts

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Accomable Dominican Republic
Accessible homes, apartments, swaps and holiday rentals available for this country

Las Terrenas run by a hemiplegic and offering various adaptations and facilities that are helpful to wheelchair users

Around DR

Around DR

Around DR
Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis

Punta Cana
Beach Wheelchair Hire In Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

travel agent
Enable holidays - UK based travel agent "your number one disabled holiday specialist" operating in Dominican Republic

Enable Holidays
Enable Holidays provides 'carefully assessed' packages and bespoke packages to: Antigua (Caribbean) Argentina Barbados (Caribbean) Belgium Bulgaria Canary Islands Cyprus Czech Republic Ecuador Dominican Republic (Caribbean) Egypt France Germany Gibraltar Greece and her Islands Holland Hungary Ibiza India Italy Jersey Madeira Majorca Malta Minorca Mexico Peru Poland Portugal Saint Lucia (Caribbean) Sicily Singapore South Africa Spain Thailand Turkey UK USA Vietnam

Travel agent
Can Be Done UK based travel agent offering destinations that have suitable infrastructure. That is to say that as well as offering accommodation with adapted/accessible rooms, the destination itself must have available accessible transport, and preferably options for clients to travel independently whilst on holiday. Caribbean destinations: Barbados Dominican Republic