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St. Georges

Month and year of visit

February 2015

Mobility equipment used

Manual self-propelled wheelchair

My general opinion of the holiday

We cruised to Grenada
A whole day we stayed here.
One cannot deny this place is really gorgeous.
Pedestrians and traffic funnel
Through the narrow Sendall tunnel
‘Neath the town and fort (both called St. Georges).
The alternative route’s a hill
Which is hard for wheelchairs, still
Through the tunnel, they drive with more care.
A sudden tropical rain shower
Of unexpected power
Soaked us but in the sun we dried out there.
We were pestered to buy spice
Which I’m sure is very nice
But didn’t need the smell to fill our cabin.
Took the water taxi to the beach
Which for us is hard to reach
Our boat ran out of fuel, was towed back in.
Some adventure and excitement
With a lot of enlightenment.
We enjoyed our day spent upon this island.
Everyone was very helpful
And the people never dull.
Our second visit here and I remain a fan.

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