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wheelchairtraveller.org reviews Alpbach hotel

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Kufstein Maurach Achensee lake
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Waldviertel, Lower Austria
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Around Austria
an online map of some accessible places in Vienna

Around Austria
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Around Austria
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June 2014

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Manual self-propelled wheelchair

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I went to Salzburg on a conference so I didn't see much of the city, but I can review the hotel and the train station, plus the surrounding area

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Around Austria
Infoplatform for Accessible Tourism is an initiative of the ÖHTB and stands as a service- and information point for all concerns of the accessible tourism for everybody in Austria.

Around Austria
IN GERMAN Barrierefreiheit

Around Austria
N GERMAN Barrierefreier Urlaub in Österreich

Around Austria
countryreports.org Disability Access In Austria

Around Austria
The FIA Guide for the disabled motorist using Parking Permits, Cards and Placards

THE RED BULL X-ALPS Paragliding Across of the Alps – in a Wheelchair

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Accomable Austria
Accessible homes, apartments, swaps and holiday rentals available for this country

Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis