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Athens, Mykonos, Rhodes, Kusadasi-Ephesus, Alexandria-Cairo, Corfu
World on Wheelz cruises the Greek islands

Ta-da.org.uk tourism abroad-disabled access ability visits Kavos, Corfu

Disabled Travellers Guide (wheelchair user) visits Santorini as part of a Greek Islands cruise

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Wheelchair World is waiting for your reviews so if you have visited this country please share your experiences with other wheelchair users in Add a review or email us a link    contactus@wheelchairworld.org

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ACCESSIBILITY PASS Certified Hotels & Conference Centers

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Greece4all.eu", the first multilingual web based application in Greece, for the presentation of the local, accessible facilities and services for tourists

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ERIA RESORT - Accessible Holidays in Crete

Accomable Greece
Accessible homes, apartments, swaps and holiday rentals available for this country

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