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Rotterdam express-Accessitrip visits Rotterdam

Travel blog about the various visits to different placesthe Netherlands

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Top 10 accessible activities in the Netherlands

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wheelgotravelling.info's blog about travelling around the Netherlands In an adapted caravan or motorhome

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Wheelchair World is waiting for your reviews so if you have visited this country please share your experiences with other wheelchair users in Add a review or email us a link    contactus@wheelchairworld.org

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Keukenhof flower gardens
Access magazines article on the flower gardens

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Accessible Travel Netherlands igives lots of info

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countryreports.org Disability Access In Netherlands

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The apartment is located quiet neighborhood with only detached house

Attractive accessible property (website in Dutch)

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hotelaccessibility.com list of accessible hotel reviews throughout NETHERLANDS

Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis
Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis

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Equalitas Vitae: Spanish provider of accessible tourism but with lots of useful information about accessible hotels, accessible transport accessible activities et cetera. The information is in Spanish but the language can be changed to English or French on the upper right hand side of the page.

Tour agency
Challenge Resorts & Travel - Dutch travel agency that can offer full-time assisted holidays to:Aruba Bonaire Curaçao Gran canaria Lanzarote Majorca Tenerife & Day trips in various locations throughout the Netherlands