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San Pedro de Atacama
Travel for All a Flying Wheelchair from Japan visits

Around Chile
Ruta accesible (Spanish) Sólo somos una página que quiere orientar a discapacitados físicos y adultos mayores en sus viajes dentro y fuera de Chile, orientar lo que más les conviene al elegir un lugar de distracción o descanso .

Around Chile
Ruta accesible (Spanish) Facebook page

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Wheelchair World is waiting for your reviews so if you have visited this country please share your experiences with other wheelchair users in Add a review or email us a link    contactus@wheelchairworld.org

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Driving in Central America and South America
The FIA Guide for the disabled motorist using Parking Permits, Cards and PlacardsWelcome to the Central and South America section of the FIA Guide for the disabled motorist.

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Enable Holidays
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