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Hammamet Yasmin

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Oct 2013

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Manual self-propelled wheelchair

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Personally I didn't like Tunisia. The hotel we stayed in was full of people on a cheap all-inclusive break-we were there at the end of the season and as we moved into the 2nd week there were even more drunkards at the pool and it seemed even tackier. The beach was quite wild so we were stuck at the hotel. Accessibility wise the hotel was brilliant but I would rather struggle more and stay somewhere nicer.
I also found that the Tunisian people were not lovely-on the 1st night we were there the receptionist rudely told me that my accessible room was not available and I would have to take another room for the night. After getting quite cross it turned out that the room was available. Why did my holidays start like this? The taxi driver from the airport immediately tried to charge us extra as soon as we had driven out of the airport despite the fact that we had agreed a price before we boarded the Taxi.
In the spa that we visited we were treated very badly for example the 2 women who were bathing me had a massive argument and then this up throwing the water at each other! My partner had a massage and the oil that they used was applied so liberally it ran into his eyes and he was literally dripping when he came out. When we complained, we were asked by the receptionist, in front of the staff to name and shame people-people who are right there in front of us!. We did not want to be part of this!

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